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Welcome to the MobEduNet Web Site

MobEduNet - Mobile Systems SW Engineering Education Network

The amount of mobile phones has increased enourmously during the last decade. With over 2 billion mobile phone subscribers, mobile systems software engineering has become one of the most important subareas of information technology. New innovations and need for services and applications have led to severe shortage of experts in the field all over the world. The objective of MobEduNet project is to provide teaching material and a virtual community for teachers and professors as well as prerequisites for the students of computer science to effectively learn and master mobile software technology. The target group of the project are professors, teachers and students in the field of software engineering.

The Material Bank

MobEduNet project produces teaching material on mobile software technology.The material is placed in the web-based Material bank. One teaching material unit can consist for example of lecture slides, on-line exercises or visualizations. Material bank, being part of the communication platform, will be freely accessible for all institutions of higher education which register to be members of the MobEdu Network. This co-operation Network provides a virtual community of teachers and professors, that shares resources and best practices as well as produces, updates and distributes teaching material.

Invitation to Join

Every institution from all over the world are invited to join the project and start using the material bank, which translates in the project into a collaborative expert network between project partners to discuss, share and improve pedagogical insights and best practises in teaching of mobile systems programming. These ideas are the key source for the material development. When functional, the network is a valuable resource and breeding ground for new innovations and international projects on the field of mobile systems software engineering.